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Our Mission

Our Mission:

“La Trenza Counseling Inc. has been established to provide education and counseling services to populations predominantly underserved.  This includes but is not limited to the English and Spanish speaking populations in both the Adams County and Denver Metropolitan areas. 

 Our clients are our most valued beneficiaries and our employees are our most valued resources.  La Trenza Counseling Inc. establishes the hallmark of counseling excellence in specializing treatment options for English and Hispanic / Latino communities.  To this regard, La Trenza Counseling Inc. endeavors to be at the forefront of Substance Abuse Education / Treatment as well as being attentive to specialized population needs.  This includes but is not limited to victim assistance, treatment of minors, and treatment of women. 

 Our treatment approach aligns cognitive-behavioral application/response with biological, psychological, and social stressor stimuli.”


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