1.  How long will I have to wait to get into outpatient treatment?

The first step to any of our treatment services is an assessment by a professional counselor. During this appointment, your treatment will be determined and recommended. La Trenza Counseling will get you into an outpatient treatment program as soon as possible.  If you have to wait to get into treatment, you may participate in other services we offer until you are able to start.  Please contact our Information Team at  303-287-4106. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday, 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm.

2.  How long does treatment last?

Your personal treatment will depend on several things, including what level of treatment you and your counselor feel is best for you and what is recommended by the professional referring you (e.g., physician, nurse practitioner, social worker, attorney, judge, etc.).  When you meet with a counselor for your first appointment they will talk with you about how long your treatment may last.

3.  Will I have to be in group therapy or can I have individual therapy?

Most treatment is provided in a group setting but individual therapy is available. Treatment for all clients is individualized, and based on your level of care assessment. You can talk about this with your counselor when the two of you meet to talk about what you want to achieve while you are in treatment.

4.  How much will it cost?

La Trenza Counseling accepts Medicaid. We also offer financial assistance and payment plans when applicable. Staff will talk with you about this at your first appointment. 

5.  Will I have to do urine or breathalyzer tests?


Abstinence monitoring is a tool used with clients to help support their work to stop using substances and it could be recommended as part of your treatment plan.  Often, clients who are referred by the legal system or the Department of Human Services will be required to participate in some form of monitoring and may include urine or breathalyzer tests.


6.  Who will you talk to about my treatment?

From your first contact with La Trenza Counseling, your privacy is protected by federal laws regarding confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse patients and their records.  In general, La Trenza Counseling may not disclose any information about you to anyone, including the fact that you have contacted us, without your written consent.  In general, these laws strictly limit access to any information regarding seeking and/or obtaining treatment. There are some very restricted situations when we may be obligated to share information about you.                                                                                Please ask your counselor or our information and access team for more details about information disclosure. 

7.  What if I have special needs?

At La Trenza Counseling, we do our best to accommodate the individual needs of each client. In general, if you receive treatment at La Trenza Counseling, you must be able to physically care for yourself. For specific questions about accommodating special needs, we encourage you to contact our information team at 303-287-4106.

8.  What if I have a service animal?


Trained, certified service animals are welcome at La Trenza Counseling program services. No other animals are allowed. For specific questions, please contact our information team at 303-287-4106.

9.  How long do the classes/treatment last for DUI/DWAI?


Depending on multiple factors, you will be assigned to complete a certain number of DUI group hours determined by state law. Your counselor will talk with you about this during your assessment.

10. If I was sent to La Trenza Counseling by someone else how will they (probation, social services, etc.) know that I completed the classes?


Your counselor will ask you to sign a consent to release information, giving us your permission to talk to whomever referred you.  With your permission, La Trenza Counseling will send them notice when you have completed the classes.